Monday, June 29, 2009

Bill Maher is an Idiot!

Wow, I can't believe that at one point in my life I thought that Bill Maher was mildy amusing. I just watched a few clips on his latest movie "Religulous", and I found out how closely he reminds me of the Anti-Christs of the Book of Mormon.
What makes me laugh is that he thinks that he owns all of these mind blowing concepts about the nature of God, and the corruption of religious devotion. He just uses the same faith destroying points and questions that the devil has been using since the start of this earth.
In his documentary he actually thought that he was taking an unbias view on religion. The guy tries out to make devout religious folk to people brainwashed people with some sort of mental sickness.
I also had the chance to watch an interview between Mike Huckabee and Bill Maher that was very entertaining, if anyone has a chance to watch it.
Anyway, this was a great faith building experience for me. It really helped confirm to me all of the revelations that have been given about the last days. There sure are a lot of false prophets that are rising up to deceive many.
I now really believe that Bill Maher is one of those people.